Catechetical Resources on YouTube


Fr Roger Landry – St. John Paul II’s 10 Habits for Holiness https://youtu.be/H0sWsG_ylxs

Fr Mark Mary-Ames – Habits for Holiness https://youtu.be/PMl-O9WePLk

Fr Timothy Gallagher – Discovering God’s Will https://youtu.be/xXlWjnznwys

Basil Pennington – A Matter of Love https://youtu.be/XyNm_V0_jJE

Basil Pennington – On Centering Prayer https://youtu.be/c_gXiUybBls

Thomas Keating – A Life Surrendered to Love https://youtu.be/tJSGlqM3pxQ

Thomas Keating – Gifts of the Holy Spirit https://youtu.be/Utv1XYHOie0

Thomas Keating – Living in the Presence of God Day after Day https://youtu.be/ZRgvuex52GM

John MacArthur – A Call to Holiness https://youtu.be/kY1joKM4rcQ

Bishop Barron – Sainthood, sanctity, and what makes us holy https://youtu.be/_EU-lAFC2eo


Bishop Barron – “Who Do You Say That I Am?” https://youtu.be/9SLK0vuQFHw?t=207

Thomas Joseph White – The Hypostatic Union https://youtu.be/6IUIAyYj0YY

Thomas Joseph White – Main Errors on the Incarnation https://youtu.be/1KhimJOMhZM

Thomas Joseph White – Why did God become man? https://youtu.be/6Rc0-f8q12I

Scott Hahn – The Transfiguration (Mk 9:2-8) https://youtu.be/yI7ljbB15kM

Brian Pitre – Blood and Water from the Side of Christ https://youtu.be/JAl-5jTAAZ8

Bishop Barron – Following Jesus comes first https://youtu.be/IMZXkq_bV6E


Bishop Barron – The Real Presence in the Eucharist https://youtu.be/UzCPu_lEhe8

Fr Thomas White – Sacrifice of the Mass (Aquinas 101) https://youtu.be/uprwTPCh0Eo

Scott Hahn – Bible and the Sacrifice of the Mass https://youtu.be/0uL_IAJWvX0

Scott Hahn – What is the Eucharistic Body of Christ? https://youtu.be/0uL_IAJWvX0

Scott Hahn – Pascal Sacrifice: Heavenly Banquet for Earthly Beggars https://youtu.be/4ACgaIJH_0E

Brian Pitre – Jewish Roots of Eucharist https://youtu.be/P45BHDRA7pU

Brian Pitre – St Paul and the Eucharist https://youtu.be/BODlHe8XthM

John Bergsma – Eucharist: Sacrifice or Symbol? https://youtu.be/6ZYvFrvEh5Q

Bishop Barron on Guestplaining with Frs. Pine and Bertrand – https://youtu.be/Cf4Df3wucyI

Msgr. Frank Lane – Mystery of John 6:53 https://youtu.be/filV-JMFc98

Kenneth Howell – History of Devotion to the Eucharist https://youtu.be/nujLJtvCWMo

Brett Salkeld – What Transubstiantiation Actually Is https://youtu.be/GaY1f2C5vI0

Perpetual Adoration LIVE – https://youtu.be/Dd7YbWyPcQo


The Sacrament of Reconciliation Explained – https://youtu.be/pfZkq7BABJM

Fr Mike Schmitz – Confession is a Place of Victory https://youtu.be/YiVjwlUO9Sc

Fr Gregory Pine – How to get Better at Confession? https://youtu.be/NRpa4nBaFhQ


Fr Ray Rayland – Early Church and the Papacy https://youtu.be/FmEAuLNoP-Q

Kenneth Howell – Authority in the Early Church https://youtu.be/dg5Ec8u94Oc

Scott Hahn – Biblical Sources https://youtu.be/dqfv8I8P9-0

Peter Kreeft – Authority of the Catholic Church https://youtu.be/NldTKfZ4fzY

Suan Sonna – Where’s the Pope in the Bible? https://youtu.be/ry_C7mvNYHg


Fr Gregory Pine – Do Catholics Worship Mary? https://youtu.be/73UaAwPdjvo

Matt, Ken, Kenny – How Do Marian Dogmas Work?

Thomas Keating – Mary Mother of God https://youtu.be/51DNIlr8Qmg

Bishop Barron – The Greatest Woman Ever https://youtu.be/yED_mBd0gZA

Brian Pitre – Old Testament Roots https://youtu.be/jmii0zRKP5A

Brian Pitre – The Assumption of Mary https://youtu.be/4vOPWJBjAPg

Brian Pitre – The Queen Mother https://youtu.be/I1GdAQ21zzQ

Brian Pitre – Woman Clothed in Sun https://youtu.be/I1GdAQ21zzQ

Bishop Barron – Warrior Queen and the Dragon (Rev 12) https://youtu.be/4B72DPp7WcY

Mike Aquilina – Mary in the Early Church https://youtu.be/1bQI4fW8Qog

Gabi After Hours – Marian Devotion https://youtu.be/U34rgDFZcmI


Dr. Michael Root – Catholic perspective on Luther – https://youtu.be/1MHGx8lezyE

Dr. Matthew Thomas – Works of the Law: Early Church vs Reformation https://youtu.be/7dX_5mWgBTc

Salkeld/Ortlund – Baptist-Catholic Dialogue on the Eucharist https://youtu.be/UgW8DFomt20

Paul Thigpen – Martin Luther https://youtu.be/ROhumu2OlgQ

David Anders – John Calvin https://youtu.be/zEB3h3g3Hus

Scott Hahn – Forerunners of the Reformation https://youtu.be/CTMX4C169bg

Kenneth Howell – Calvin and the Radical Reformation https://youtu.be/2C0hBnsuEUA


Fr Blake Britton – Reclaiming Vatican II https://youtu.be/BqzEZANFub0

Dr Richard DeClue – Vatican II https://youtu.be/M1CWT7mOYG8

Bishop Barron – Pope Francis and Vatican II https://youtu.be/-tS-1J42jj4

Scott Hahn – The Our Father https://youtu.be/E9UHyePeBxs

Scott Hahn – Liturgy and Scripture https://youtu.be/e8gGACA_pLE

Scott Hahn – Conversion of St Paul https://youtu.be/-UpYVGOaubA

Scott Hahn – The New Exodus https://youtu.be/li-sL4xUNbI

Mark McInroy – Spiritual Perception in Balthasar’s Aesthetics https://youtu.be/4eeSVOsf2rA


Frederick Miller – Three Decisions in the life of St Thérèse https://youtu.be/8WNhXLF-rws

Catherine M. Mooney – Hope from Saints Catherine, Teresa, and Thérèse https://youtu.be/g3xfrFfbJqw

Fr Timothy Gallagher – St. Ignatius and Discernment of Spirits https://youtu.be/TiGQNihoYeE

Bishop Barron – Prayer life of Fulton Sheen https://youtu.be/Utv1XYHOie0

St Isaac the Syrian and the Fullness of the Desert https://youtu.be/XlJhoCDvXlM


Sandra M. Schneiders, I.H.M. – Mary Magdalene as Prototype https://youtu.be/5I3mSq51xFk

Madeleine Boucher – Mary of Magdala https://youtu.be/eehvP2WTQK4

Barbara Reid, O.P. – Women Disciples in the Gospel of Luke https://youtu.be/NLinqo6WjCU

Sean Davidson – Mary Magdalene and the Eucharist https://youtu.be/HpjLh2er7Yo


Brian Daley, S.J. – Breathing with Both Lungs https://youtu.be/xmSPBtTaH_Y

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