Note on God’s Light in the Mind

The Divine Light is already active and functional at the level of your own mind. It is simply that you crave otherwise and hold preferences that prevent its full unfolding. You grasp at what cannot be held still, so you miss its inherent stillness. You struggle to make it clear, so you obscure its natural clarity. What is constantly changing, you try to fix down and identify, and so you miss the stable reality underpinning it all. Because you think you are at the helm, the controller, the intervener, the driver, the agent, the source of light, you limit its reach, hamper its action, dull its brilliance… when really you are but a grace-offshoot of the Primary Light, into which at any time you may remeld, if you but assent and love it, cling to its movements and its Word. For you are Its gift to you of apprehension, insight, reflection, appreciation. You are Its appendage of consciousness and help, destined to It. You participate in Its freedom, you draw from Its energy, your attention is a spark of Its omniscience. Enlightenment is the state already: so give in to it, surrender, already you are dead in the Light and rising to new life in Its rays. Your spark is not-other than the flame—and suddenly everything is warm with its heat, so adorable the whole world crackles with delight, centering more and more on its perfect axis, imperceptibly. Then what is happening is no longer what you think, but what the Divine Mind really is, in its calm, spacious infinity, which it gives…

Note: Started as a note on Buddhism but removed mention of it as it took on more Christian proportions. (Though the first line was there from the beginning, which I suspect already makes it not very strictly Buddhist.) I’ve learned to be much more cautious about representing traditions I don’t know as deeply as my own, still, Buddhism and I go way back and it will always be a way of appreciating conscious phenomena (or the phenomena of consciousness) internal to me; and it will always tune itself into my language as I tune into its and tune it to mine. Actually, I accept any number of vice versa’s 😊 and very much like the idea of a “co-fecundation of resources.” I suspect Wisdom as it evolves (as it must) tends to operate in just that way. So hopefully the intent is clear 🙏

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